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What is the 4-stage system for driving lessons?
What is the 4-stage system for driving lessons?

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Written by Jackie Kass
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Due to a nationwide staffing shortage and losing several of our full-time instructors due to illness or relocations to different states, we’re introducing a 4-stage system to scheduling driving lessons in order to give priority to students who are eligible to get their driver’s license in the next nine months.

This system is only temporary, so have no fear. Your lessons will not expire. If you need longer than 12 months, we’re more than happy to extend the deadline free of charge.

Yes, we were fully staffed in May. However, we pride ourselves on hiring the cream of the crop and will not compromise our hiring standards because the safety of our students is always our #1 priority. We have several outstanding new hires in the system and are waiting on DDS approval, which unfortunately moves at a snail’s pace.

We are currently in Stage Three. Once we can catch up from the summer rush and prioritize students by license eligibility dates, we’ll open up stage 4.

Here’s how the new 4-stage priority system for driving lessons works.

Stage Three (This is our current stage):

Students who have held their permit for 3 months or longer will be able to schedule their driving lessons online. Once your student has held their permit for 3 months, please send us an email at [email protected]. Within 72 hours after we receive your email, your Drive Scout account will be activated for online scheduling of driving lessons.

Stage Four (not available at this time):

All students are eligible to schedule driving lessons online as long as they have a valid Learner’s Permit.

In summary

While the situation is not ideal, it’s the best way to prioritize students who are eligible for a Driver’s License the soonest. We do truly appreciate our valued customers and are making every effort to service our students in the most logical and timely manner.

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