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What is the “turnabout” driving skill and is it required to pass the road test?
What is the “turnabout” driving skill and is it required to pass the road test?


Written by Jackie Kass
Updated over a week ago

Yes, a driver must successfully perform a “turnabout” during the road test to get a Georgia Class D driver’s license.

A “turnabout” is a two-point turn while backing at a 90-degree angle in a narrow space between cones.

Customers are welcome to practice the “turnabout” on our test course (when a test or lesson is not in session). The best time to utilize our course is in the evening or on weekends.

Below are the directions to successfully perform a “turnabout.”

  1. As you pull out of a parallel parking spot, position your vehicle 4-6 feet to the left of the cones.

  2. As the vehicle passes the turnabout cones on your right, position the vehicle past the set of cones where you can barely see the first of three cones in your back passenger side window.

  3. Proceed with the 3 R’s. Turn your right signal on, put the car into reverse, turn your wheel all the way to the right.

  4. As you slowly back up, look over your right shoulder to make sure your car is moving towards the middle of the two sets of cones that you are backing in between. You can stop 4 times to complete this maneuver.

  5. As you back up look to the left or right-side mirror to see when the car is straight. Once it is straight, continue backing up until the middle cone is in the middle of your side window on the driver’s side.

  6. When leaving the turnabout parking, signal left, look left and right, and proceed out of the parking position.

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