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Do you cancel lessons, road tests or classes due to rain, snow, or bad weather?
Do you cancel lessons, road tests or classes due to rain, snow, or bad weather?

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Written by Drive Smart Georgia
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Drive Smart Georgia strives to complete in-car driving lessons, road tests and classes in a timely manner. However, we will never jeopardize the safety of our students, our staff, and the general public when unsafe conditions exist.

So, what constitutes unsafe driving conditions? A significant snowfall in Atlanta is never a good thing because it can snarl traffic for miles and miles. A severe weather warning, like a tornado warning, is cause to get off the road and seek safety.

Generally, Drive Smart Georgia follows the directives of the school systems. If Fulton or Forsyth County Schools decide to close due to impending weather, our offices will also be closed, and we will cancel lessons, road tests and classes.

Our office will reach out to the parents as soon as possible to set up an alternative date and time when driving lessons, road tests and/or classes are canceled due to weather.

Rest assured that our team continuously monitors local weather and traffic conditions that may impact safety on the road. We will not cancel driving lessons or road tests during heavy rain. It’s one of the best times to teach students how to handle the vehicle when roads may be wet or a bit slippery. Remember, we have an extra brake and accelerator on the instructor’s side of the car!

Ultimately, the decision to continue or cancel in-car driving lessons, road tests, and in-person classes will be based on the safety of our students, staff, and other motorists.

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