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Why are cell phones so dangerous for teen drivers?
Why are cell phones so dangerous for teen drivers?

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Written by Drive Smart Georgia
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Cell phones and driving are a dangerous and often fatal combination. It’s a problem for everyone, but especially for new and inexperienced teen drivers.

Car crashes is still the number one cause of death for teens from the age of 16 – 19. When you mix in cell phones and driving, your teen driver’s chance of having a serious or fatal auto accident increases by four times.

So, how can you convince your own teen to hang up, stop texting and just drive?

Before your teen grabs the keys, make sure you have guidelines in place to deal with cell phones and driving. Sit down with your teen to set rules and consequences.

Make sure your teen silences his or her phone and places it out of reach, like in the glove box or a purse, before putting the key in the ignition. Parents - don't be tempted to text your teen when they are driving. When teens safely arrive at their destinations, that's the time to text mom and dad to say, "I'm here."

Don't forget to set a good example! Do you talk and text on your cell phone while driving? If you do, you’re doing a terrible disservice to your teen driver.

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